Exemplary businesses or groups who we are honored to be allies with. RAMSHARD Minecraft Hosting • Get your own Minecraft server today! RAMShard offers top-notch hosting at affordable prices, starting at $3/month! […]

Its gman

Its Gman Official Discord Role Applications– YouTube Application– Staff Application– Coming soon. This is the Its Gman Discord Server Staff Application.– Take your time, be honest, and be patient. All applications will […]


Invite A Wild ZFD To Your Discord Server! Commands Reference:– /ping for your ping – /react for a reaction – /userinfo for account information – /minecraft ip to our minecraft server – […]


CoreCraft Is A Minecraft Network. Perhaps the best one out there for events and fun challenges. Everyone is included and, we have multiple gamemodes for you to enjoy! Vote Factions https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=777258730789404673&permissions=0&scope=bot Creative […]

rickards blue

Hello I am Rickards, Like ZFD Films I have a Youtube channel, me and ZFD do a ton of collab, but what I also do in my channel is stream videogames, so […]